Book Cover: Moonshadows
Part of the Nellie Burns and Moonshine series:
Editions:Hardcover: $ 25.95
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1432830731
Size: 5.90 x 8.80 in
Pages: 303
Kindle: $ 3.99

The Wood River Valley before it was Sun Valley!

Nellie Burns, photographer, leaves Chicago in the early 1920s to find adventure and a career in the West.  She lands in Ketchum, Idaho, armed with her large format camera.  After photographing moonshadows on snow, she stumbles onto a not quite deserted house and a black dog she names Moonshine.  She also discovers and photographs a dead body.  When the body disappears and her negatives are stolen, she joins the chase to solve the mystery and find her negatives.  Rosy, a one-eyed miner, reluctantly guides her in the search.  Moonshine joins in as Nellie’s guardian.

A Basque sheriff crosses words and actions with Nellie.  A sheep rancher with a particular dislike of Rosy and the sheriff charges Nellie with interference.  The last Chinese residents in town suspect Nellie herself of murder.  Nellie’s impulsive nature brings her to a second body, a near drowning, an explosion in a darkroom, and terror in a mine.

Moonshadows is a taut and enigmatic historical mystery with passionate characters, each hiding a secret.  Set against wintry small towns and back country Idaho, Nellie’s and Moonshine’s explorations reveal a web of revenge, opium addiction, obsessive love and loss, and a haunting story of devotion.

Finalist in the May Sarton Literary Award - Story Circle Network

Idaho Author Award for Best Cover!

Publisher: Five Star


“The reader walks effortlessly into a West long behind us, in this gorgeously written, taut mystery. Secrets are the fuel of all fiction — prepare for Moonshadows to burn brightly.”--Ridley Pearson author of The Red Room

“Anyone who loves Western history and a good mystery will find Moonshadows hard to resist. The captivating story combines an intriguing plot with a historical-based look at Idaho in the days of the first automobiles. Julie Weston’s heroine, a spunky young woman making her career as a photographer, combines the perfect amounts of charm and persistence in solving the crimes.  A good read from start to finish.” --Anne Hillerman, author of Rock with Wings

Kirkus Review:  "A photographer's aspirations take her West in the 1920s, right into a mysterious murder case.  This debut mystery from Weston authentically portrays the gritty mining towns and the wild beauty of Idaho while presenting a challenging puzzle."

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