ISBN: 1432858211, 978-1432858216
Pages: 244

Publication date June 19. See the Bulletin Board for events.

"Once again, Nellie Burns and Moonshine leap into trouble--this time in Craters of the Moon in southwest Idaho. Nellie accompanies Sheriff Asteguigoiri to the lava fields as his photographer. Three people are missing there, doing "God's work," according to Mayor Tom of a nearby town. Marked on maps as "unexplored" and "unknown," the miles of lava resist easy navigation and Nell's photography. Rosy Kipling, the one-eyed miner and Nell's friend, is recruited with Mayor Tom and Moonshine to assist in the search amidst concerns about a religious cult and money related to the missing. Physical obstacles as well as secrets and lies and consuming greed endanger all. And alone, Nell faces an attempt on her sanity and her life in this remote and almost inaccessible natural phenomenon"

Publisher: Five Star
Reviews:Roundup Magazine/Denise F. McAllister wrote:

In the third mystery about Nellie Burns and her dog, Moonshine, dead bodies are turning up, there's a strange religious cult, craggy lava fields and ominous caves to navigate, and an ensemble of quirky characters. It's the early 1920s, and Burns, a field photographer, is adventurous, a natural sleuth and not afraid of getting dirty, and speaks her mind. Julie Weston writes quick dialogue, keeps the drama moving at breakneck speed and leaves readers on the edge of their seats.

Library Journal wrote:

MOONSCAPE by Julie Weston, book #3 in the Nellie Burns & Moonshine mystery series featuring the lovable labrador retriever named Moonshine.
LIBRARY JOURNAL recommends -- “Set in a still untamed 1920s Idaho, this mystery should flourish in collections where the author’s other novels did well. Fans of Western or historical mysteries may also want to give this series a try.”
AVAILABLE in hardcover, eBook, and large print editions at your local library, bookstore, or online:
Enjoy the whole series!
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