Basque Moon

Book cover - Basque Moon
Part of the Nellie Burns and Moonshine series:
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition: $ 25.95
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1432832988
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 250
2017 WILLA Literary Award Winner
in Historical Fiction

Nellie Burns, photographer, and her black Labrador dog, Moonshine, travel with sheep rancher Gwynn Campbell and his Basque sheepherder to the Stanley Basin of central Idaho. Nellie plans to spend several weeks in the mountains at a sheep camp, photographing scenes for a railroad’s travel brochures to lure tourists to the West. When their group arrives, they discover the current herder is dead.

Nellie’s curiosity and photography lead her to a moonshine camp and then a frantic scramble through the mountains with Pearl, a moonshiner’s supposed wife and a cowboy’s possible sweetheart. Their adventures lead them to more murder and mayhem. Nellie and Moonshine confront the greatest challenges yet to their courage and ingenuity when they face a range war and a ruthless killer.

BASQUE MOON is an exciting and authentic story of western conflicts in the 1920s. Nellie must dig deep to restore her faith in herself and her chosen profession.

Publisher: Five Star
Reviews:Kirkus Reviews on wrote:

Kirkus Review (6-15-2016)

“Cowboys, sheepherders, and moonshiners form a volatile mix in 1920s Idaho. When Nell is kidnapped, she has to depend on Pearl to help her escape. The pair have some wild adventures while Nell tries to untangle a knotty puzzle and stay alive. Weston's second is a rip-roaring yarn that enchants with beguiling descriptions of the beauty of the Idaho wilderness.”
Author: Julie Weston
Price ( Hardcover ): $25.95
Publication Date: August 17, 2016
ISBN ( Hardcover ): 978-1-4328-3298-8
Category: Fiction
Classification: Mystery/Frontier

Publisher's Weekly:

“Weston does a good job evoking the wild beauty of Idaho’s Sawtooth Range, and Nellie is a likable protagonist . . . the ending offers a promising direction for subsequent installments.”

BASQUE MOON has pretty much everything I want in an historical mystery: gun fights and knife fights; cattlemen v sheepmen v moonshiners; a gallant dog; a handsome Basque sheriff; secret, lies and murder; and Nellie Burns, a woman absolutely alive on the page, and a heroine of extraordinary curiosity and courage. All of this in the 1920s in the mountains of Idaho. Perfect. Molly Gloss, author of Hearts of Horses.

Julie Weston, in Basque Moon, takes us on a deep tour of an unexamined borderland of history: Sawtooth Valley, Idaho, in the 1920s, when the mines had closed down, tourism was a just-fledged industry, and cattlemen and sheepmen were still killing each other on the open range. Nellie Burns, a professional photographer, survives and thrives in a world of rough, violent men who cannot comprehend new economies and an emancipated woman. John Rember, author of Traplines: Coming Home to Sawtooth Valley.

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